As the festive season approaches, businesses gear up to leverage the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas, beyond its religious significance, has immense commercial potential. And while strategic online marketing continues to dominate advertising, there’s something timeless about physical advertisements that continue to charm consumers.

At Tailor Made, we offer a range of signage, design, and embroidery services, and every year we see the impact Christmas campaigns can have on seasonal sales. Our team has come together to create this helpful article exploring some of the ways your business can make the most of the festive season and boost your business profits. 

The Nostalgic Appeal of Physical Advertisements

In a world increasingly defined by screens, physical ads, from leaflets to billboards, provide a tangible touch that’s becoming rare. They evoke holiday memories, reminding us of childhood Christmas excitement, and connect deeply with our festive emotions. There’s an inherent charm in holding a beautifully designed Christmas leaflet or passing by a festive billboard on a wintry evening. 


christmas sale poster concept


The physicality of such advertisements offers a multisensory experience, from the texture of the paper to the vibrant colours of a festive graphic. This tactile and visual combination reignites the simplicity and magic of yesteryears, standing in stark contrast to the fleeting nature of digital content. As the world around us speeds up, these physical advertisements anchor us to moments of reflection, nostalgia, and genuine holiday spirit. Some of these physical advertisements include:

Signage: The Silent Salesperson

When decorated with twinkling lights and festive motifs, businesses witness a tangible increase in foot traffic. A well-placed Christmas sign acts as a magnet, pulling in passersby with its festive allure. Take, for instance, local retailers who reported a 30% increase in walk-ins simply by revamping their storefronts with holiday-themed signage.

Vehicle Graphics: Taking the Christmas Spirit on the Road

Imagine a delivery van wrapped in festive colours, with reindeers and Santa on the side. Not only does it serve its primary function of advertising, but it also spreads festive joy on the streets. Such a visually appealing display often becomes a conversation starter, making the brand memorable and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion.

Posters: The Bigger, the Merrier

Large, captivating visuals, especially when they exude Christmas vibes, are show-stoppers. Strategically placed in high footfall areas, they can do wonders. From announcing holiday sales to showcasing festive collections, posters remain a tried and true method of capturing attention.

Benefits of Integrating Physical Advertisements in Christmas Campaigns

Compared to online marketing solutions, physical advertisements have a whole host of unique benefits that come in to play, including: 

Immediate Visibility: In the digital marketplace, users often employ ad-blockers or simply skip ads that pop up on their screens. However, physical ads, be it a festive billboard or a shop’s window display, are hard to ignore. Positioned in strategic locations, these advertisements garner attention simply by being in the direct line of sight. During the festive season, when cities and towns are buzzing with activity, the visibility of these ads is magnified, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience.


customer shopping after being influenced by christmas campaign


Local Charm: One of the unmatched strengths of physical advertisements is their ability to resonate with the local populace. A Christmas campaign that references local traditions or is positioned in a beloved community space immediately feels more personal and relatable. This localised approach fosters a sense of belonging and trust. Consumers are more likely to patronise businesses they perceive as understanding and valuing their local culture and traditions.

Memorable Branding: Think back to some of the most iconic ads you remember – chances are, a good number of them are physical advertisements you’ve seen in passing. There’s something about the tactile nature of physical ads that anchors them in our memory. Especially during Christmas, when emotions run high, a well-designed, tangible advertisement can create a deep emotional connection with the brand. This ensures not just immediate sales but also long-term brand loyalty. An evocative Christmas-themed brochure or a catchy jingle playing from a store can remain with consumers long after the season has passed.

By integrating physical advertisements into their Christmas campaigns, businesses stand to gain not just immediate visibility, but also a deeper, lasting connection with their consumers.

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