In the UK, students wearing a school uniform is standard across the country – whether this is a public or private school. Uniforms can differ between schools, and the exact policies vary between schools; however, there are visible similarities. For example, most primary schools require a plain cotton polo shirt, school jumper, smart trousers/skirts, or a dress in the colour of the rest of the school uniform, and plain smart shoes. Secondary schools differ in that they usually implement ties and blazers with school colours or emblems. 

At Tailor Made, we offer a range of embroidery and design services, and understand that the cost of a school uniform can be steep for some families – particularly those with multiple school age children. However, having a school uniform is a standard practice in most schools and there are many reasons for this. In this blog, we will explore some of the benefits and disadvantages school uniforms have on schools, students, and parents. 

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The Benefits of a School Uniform

The first recorded use of a school uniform in England is from the 1200’s, where robes were used by academics to signify who they were. Modern school uniforms keep with this time honoured tradition, but offers many more benefits for students and schools, including: 

Reduce Bullying: The school uniform has a significant impact on fostering pride, boosting self-confidence, and nurturing a sense of inclusion among the students. These elements actively contribute to the overall welfare of students by alleviating the extra burden of selecting attire and the added stress of conforming to their peers’ standards.  

Improved Behaviour: It’s not uncommon for kids to act up once free of the confines of a school building, which can lead to unruly behaviour. As a school uniform represents a school when children are out and about, it can lead to better behaviour as students strive to represent their school in a positive way. 

Highly Sustainable: With the ever changing fashion trends, keeping your kids sporting the latest and greatest of high fashion can have a costly impact on your wallet. Luckily, most schools will have the same uniform throughout a student’s time there, meaning items can be reused year after year for a cost effective solution.

Disadvantages of a School Uniform

School uniforms are a hotly debated topic, afterall there’s plenty of evidence that students shouldn’t need to wear them and still be able to succeed academically. One of the main arguments against school uniforms is the lack of individuality allowed to children, who spend their formative years in school. 

Another reason why parents may not wish to purchase a school uniform is due to the cost – with many school uniform suppliers charging an additional fee purely because they are being made for a specific purpose. However, at Tailor Made, we believe the benefits of having a school uniform vastly outweigh the cons – and we promise to keep our prices for school uniforms affordable.

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School Uniform Exemptions

A significant aspect of The Equality Act 2010 addresses the issue of dress codes within educational institutions, particularly schools. It emphasises the importance of avoiding dress codes that could potentially lead to unfair treatment of students or staff members based on protected characteristics outlined in the law. These protected characteristics encompass factors such as age, disability, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

The underlying principle is to ensure an inclusive and respectful learning environment. This entails recognizing the diverse identities and backgrounds present in the school community, thereby promoting an atmosphere that values individual uniqueness.

The overarching goal is to cultivate an educational setting where each individual feels equally valued and respected, irrespective of their distinctive attributes. Consequently, schools are required to conduct a thoughtful evaluation of their dress codes to ensure they do not inadvertently perpetuate any form of discrimination or inequality. By adhering to this guideline, the Act contributes to the establishment of a harmonious environment that nurtures academic growth, social development, and emotional well-being, fostering tolerance and understanding among all members of the school community.

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