Why Use Custom T-Shirts for your Business? 

If you are a business owner, then it is likely that you have seen the benefits of using custom t-shirts for your marketing efforts. Custom t-shirts can be used as giveaways at trade shows and conferences to get people talking about your brand. They can also be used as advertising tools: by handing out free custom t-shirts to customers, and having them wear them in public places, they will act as walking billboards for your company! In this blog post, we discuss 5 creative ways that you can use custom t-shirts for business growth.

Brand Embroidery and Why it's Important

What Are Custom T-Shirts? 

At Tailor Made, we offer custom t-shirts printed to your specifications and designed with your brand in mind. Our t-shirts come in a range of styles – from classic crew neck tees to v necks or mock turtle necks for women, as well as sizes that cater to all body types including children and plus-size customers. We ensure you get the perfect fitting garments by giving you options like choosing the colour of personalised prints but also selecting different colours on our shirts too!

Our t-shirts are the perfect way to get your company name out there, with our large selection and easy design process. With promotional codes available on each of these customizable items, you’ll find a great solution for any budget or timeline!

Our T-shirts can be printed with your logo or even a slogan/promotional code – and they’re easy to design and brand. We also offer expedited shipping so if you need those products in as little time as possible we have it covered. So how can our Customisable Tees help grow your business? Keep reading below:

Gifts for Customers 

Printed t-shirts are the new way to promote your business. When you give a customer once, they’re literally wearing an advertisement for your company! With this in mind, consider printing promotional items like t-shirts and hats as gifts or incentives so that customers can wear them proudly when out of work hours too.

To make sure people don’t forget who gave their gift away, be sure to put some form of identification on it – such as the logo or name of the establishment where it was given at first glance. If you need any help with designing what would suit best for advertising purposes then feel free to contact me anytime!

Competition Prizes 

Running a competition can be an excellent way to increase traffic or social media following, not just on your own website but also in the places you work. If you’re running one of these competitions and want prizes for participants – printed t-shirts are great options! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy having their favourite design permanently emblazoned across their chest? When they win it’ll give them some bragging rights as well as make them happy about promoting your brand with something that’s uniquely theirs.

Custom T-Shirts as Staff Uniforms 

Custom t-shirts can help you be more visible than ever before.

You’re heading to an expo or corporate event and your staff will likely be there assisting potential clients with any enquiries they have; why not make it easy for them by having all of them uniformed up in the same customised company shirt? The shirts are great because, on top of being a helpful tool that’ll help advertise who you are while at this event, they also serve as affordable uniforms if your team is part hospitality industry such as bartenders or waiters.

Launch Giveaway 

The best way to launch your new product is with free t-shirts.

More people will come to the event and have an interest in the shirt because it was something they got for being there, which means more chances of someone buying a shirt from you at some point or becoming one of your followers on social media where you post pictures about what’s happening that day!

Freshers Week Goody Bags 

Local universities are the perfect place to find a new target audience for your custom t-shirts! Think about how many students you can reach by sponsoring freshers festival goody bags. There’s no better way than handing out high-value items that will get seen on campus every day, so why not contact one of these student societies and see if they need an extra sponsor?

Ordering your Custom T-Shirts 

Custom t-shirts are a great way to promote your business. Our team can help you design custom merchandise that suits the tone and style of your company, or talk through some high-level considerations when designing logos for apparel. Drop us an email today with more information about what kind of logo/designs would work best and we’d be happy to offer advice!