Have you ever stopped to consider what you are doing with your old T-shirts? Do you donate them to a charity shop? Pass them down to a younger sibling? Or simply throw them in the bin? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about where your old, new T-shirts are going when they have come to the end of their life cycle with you. 

You might have a drawer full of old tops and shirts that you haven’t worn in many years or a bag that you keep meaning to throw out; well, our team at Tailor Made is here to help you find an eco-friendly way to recondition those t-shirts. We like to keep hold of all our t-shirts that have sentimental meaning to us, such as band T-shirts, relatives’ shirts, running tops and many more, but what can you do with them to stop them just sitting in a drawer gathering dust?

Instead of letting them collect dust or throwing them away, look at different ways your T-shirts can be reconditioned. Whether they are embroidered T-shirts, printed T-shirts or just plain, these ways of reconditioning your T-shirts will work. Here at Tailor Made, we are passionate about the environment and helping reduce fast fashion in the UK; reconditioning T-shirts is an excellent step at helping reduce waste. If you have more questions at the end of this blog, please reach out to one of our team members today!

T-shirt quilting

Have You got A T-shirt Quilt?

One of the best ways to recondition your T-shirts, whether you have your T-shirts printed or embroidered, is to have a quilt created; they are incredibly sentimental and practical, providing you with a homely and warm blanket full of memories. Whether you make one using your t-shirts or whether you want to make a quilt out of a loved one’s T-shirts, they are a great gift and show how much you care about the recipient. 

One of the most popular T-shirt options for making quilts are sporting event shirts such as running or school team sports; it is excellent for those who love doing their craft and making. Still, if you can’t sew your T-shirt quilt, you can choose to send your shirts to a professional. Quilters, we promise you will love the finished product, all whilst saving T-shirts from going to waste, and you can keep the quilt for years!

Do You Have Pets?

Believe it or not, it might seem strange, but making your old t-shirts into pet toys is a great idea! Pets, especially dogs, enjoy having something nearby with their owner’s scent on them, even more so if you leave your pet alone for several hours during the day. It gives them something to be comforted by. Whether you want to make them yourself or get a professional seamstress, you can add a squeaker into the T-shirt toy to make it more enjoyable for your pet. 

A great way to use up any old clothing you might have, you can turn t-shirts and jumpers into bones, teddies and anything else your dog enjoys playing with; you can even make their sleeping area cosy and comfortable, but make sure you use old T-shirts, dogs can be pretty rough with their favourite toys and rip the T-shirts to shreds.

T-shirt dog toy rope

Why Buy Reusable Shopping Bags?

If you are an avid shopper who loves spending sprees, then maybe one of the best recycling options for your T-shirts is to turn them into shopping bags. Do you always forget to take bags with you? Maybe, with a reusable bag that has been made out of your favourite old band T-shirt or with an embroidered emblem on, you will remember to take your bag with you to the shops. One of the most practical options we highly recommend this option, with a number of our staff having T-shirt bags that have been made out of our old T-shirts. 

An adequately made T-shirt bag can work perfectly for groceries, books, travelling, and anything else you like; we would suggest using a cotton T-shirt to make a bag out of, as it is a reusable bag that is being made out of recycled materials you do not need to worry about it being perfect. 

Printed T-shirts Make Great Pieces Of Wall Art

Have you ever considered making canvases out of your old T-shirts if you are passionate about wall art and having pieces displayed around your home? One of the easiest ways to reuse your old T-shirts is by wrapping them around a canvas, and there you have it, a new piece of art for your home. This option is great for printed T-shirts and embroidered t-shirts, as it gives you the chance to display T-shirts such as movie memorabilia or even band T-shirts. 

One of the best reasons to choose this option to reuse your old T-shirts is because it is accessible to everyone; it takes very little skill; all you need to be able to do is use a stapler and pull the fabric across the canvas. We promise you will love this way of reusing your old T-shirts; you can make some incredible patterns and designs.

T-shirt Printing Services

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Why not extend the life of your favourite old t-shirt and do some good for the planet too? With our recycling suggestions, you can consider reusing your printed T-shirts or embroidered T-shirts for another purpose within your home and your daily life. 

Old T-shirts make for great bags, pet toys and comforters, and artwork for your home; by using your old T-shirts for something like that, instead of simply throwing them in the bin, you are helping protect the planet. Fast fashion is a massive issue in the UK; by choosing to recycle clothing, you are helping protect the planet we live on, something everyone should be doing! 

Plus, knowing that you’re doing something positive for the environment feels pretty darn good! So why wait? Contact our friendly customer service team at Tailor Made today! Our team is always on hand to provide you with printed T-shirts and embroidered T-shirts and provide you with ways to reuse those T-shirts when you are finished wearing them. Get in touch with our team today!