Are you looking for staff uniforms? Most commonly worn in warehouses, customer-facing departments and a range of other settings, having a uniform for your team is a good business move; it promotes inclusivity and productivity. Having a professionally designed and developed uniform for your team will also provide your staff with a company image; not only that, but it will help your customers highlight who works for you. 

Another reason to have your team in a company uniform is to have your logo embroidered onto any garment right here at Tailor Made; this is the best advertising you can have for your business; if customers remember your logo, they will remember your company. 

Having worked in workwear embroidery and printing for several years, our team at Tailor Made is on hand to provide you with the best workwear services on the market. Our team is happy to work with you to provide you with the highest quality garments for your staff and business; if you want to find out more, we are always happy to help. To help you decide on the best uniform for your staff, we have put together a few tips on choosing your next staff uniform; keep reading to find out what they are.

Different uniform options

Do You Have A Specific Style In Mind?

When it comes to finding the correct uniform for your staff, you need to consider the right style for your team and industry. Whether you are looking for a more corporate, bright look with embroidered shirts or blazers, or you want something more casual such as polo shirts, we have everything you need here at Tailor Made. 

The style you choose must be relevant to your business; for example, if you do not want your team wearing dress shirts if they work in a warehouse, making the right decision on style is the most important. You need to choose a practical uniform option for the industry or sector you work in, but you also need to make sure it is suitable for both your male and female workers; it needs to be unisex or tailored to the specific genders. 

Creating the right image for your company and business starts with ensuring a specific style profile; without it, your team will not look uniform or like they work as part of a specific team.

Is There Any Specific Requirements For Your Uniform?

One of the other aspects you need to consider when choosing your next staff uniform and workwear collection is whether or not your staff have any specific requirements that would help them perform their tasks or roles better. We would always recommend you speak to your team before making any finalised decisions on workwear and uniforms; this is because it is more than likely the team members who will be wearing a uniform. 

One thing to consider is, do they work in high-temperature areas? Warehouses and factories can be hot places to work, so considering a polo shirt with moisture management systems built into the fabric might work best compared to thick t-shirt material.

Alternatively, would a non-iron shirt be preferable to one that needs ironing before every shift for anyone who works in the hospitality industry? Choosing a 100% cotton T-shirt will offer the best solution for staff who need a non-iron shirt; finishing shifts late can make it challenging to remember to iron shirts ready for the next day, and you should always be making improvements to your uniform to ensure a more straightforward process for your staff. 

Lastly, do you need printed or embroidered high-vis workwear? Keeping your team safe should be your priority, but do they need high-vis coats, waistcoats, or safety workwear? Making sure you are meeting all PPE standards is essential, but confirming with your staff regarding which garments will work best for them and the job they carry out keeps everybody happy in the long run.

Does Your Company Have A Colour Scheme?

When choosing your staff uniform, you should always consider your logo and business colour scheme; the easiest option is to go for a black or white base and then use your marketing to add the colour. Still, sometimes we have found clients like to go for colourful options, so their team stands out. 

 You need to remember that business logos and slogans can be added to your clothing and chosen workwear; you must choose a colour that matches the one used in your logo; this will provide a colour scheme that reflects your business in the right way. Bear in mind you need to make sure even though you are focusing on the colour scheme of your workwear; you need to make sure your staff are also comfortable. 

Another reason to consider your colour scheme is that if you want your team to stand out, choose bright colours; this will make your team members evident to any visitors or guests to your business, meaning they know who to speak to should they need any assistance, it will also help your team be seen on warehouse floors.

Embroidery Service

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So, what’s the best way to choose your next staff uniform? It all comes down to understanding your unique business and customer base. What type of message do you want to send with your uniforms? Do they need to be professional or more casual? And most importantly, are they comfortable and practical for your employees? 

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, contact our friendly customer service team at Tailor Made today! We specialise in creating custom uniforms that reflect the image and values of your company. Let us help you create a look that makes your employees feel confident and proud to represent your brand. Whether you are looking for embroidery or printing on your workwear, we are always on hand to help. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call today. 

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