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Looking for high-quality workwear in Banbury, Oxfordshire with detailed and distinctive styles? Want long-lasting garments that won’t break the bank? Here at Tailor Made, our mission is to provide workwear in Banbury and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire.

We have been providing our expert service for years and provide a variety of workwear options, including men’s clothing and women’s clothing, whether you’re looking for protective gear or custom distinctive styles of clothing for your business, our professional team at Tailor Made is here to help and our customers use our services again and again for their workwear needs.

We offer all the latest styles and deliver to all areas of Banbury, Oxfordshire as well as the rest of the UK; we are confident that our workwear will be the best you’ve ever had.

We’re here to help! No matter your requirements, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards. For a FREE quotation, please contact our expert team today!

Custom Workwear Clothing
Workwear Clothing

Protective Clothing

Also called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), protective clothing is designed to be versatile while providing health and safety to yourself and your employees, who are absolutely worth protecting. There is a wide range of options for protective workwear and what you need depends on your industry as the PPE you use must match potential workplace hazards.

For example, working with hot food in a bakery, or in a supermarket with groceries will present different hazards compared to working in a store selling home furnishings or fashion items. Protective workwear reduces the risk of bodily injuries, such as burns or damage caused by hard surfaces.

If you would like to know more about the fantastic range of protective workwear we have available and what we can do for you, please give us a call and we’ll help you find exactly what you need. We can provide you with great protective workwear for your business with your name and logo proudly displayed in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

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If you’re interested in any of the services we offer or would like to place an order, be sure to contact us. One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

Printing and Embroidery

We have an extensive range of options for printed and embroidered workwear. We’re committed to providing long-lasting workwear that is still comfortable and won’t break the bank. Some of the printed and embroidery workwear options we provide include hi-vis jackets, health and beauty uniforms, personalised chef uniforms as well as many more.

There are several different styles and sizes to choose from with options to suit any industry. When you’re looking for professionally printed and embroidered workwear, the team here at Tailor Made is here to help. Simply get in touch with us today to discuss what we can offer you.

Our range of safety workwear services are great should you need personalised safety workwear, uniforms or clothing, we can help. At Tailor Made our designs will keep your workers safe and comfortable while offering a contemporary look that no one else in the industry is providing. From high-quality standards to making sure it’s designed specifically for your needs, we offering nothing more than exceptional customer service with every garment ordered from us!

Branded workwear and uniform is important for any type of business, and will help your business look more professional. Workwear has previously been associated with trade businesses, however, having your brand printed or embroidered on a uniform is commonly used for people who work in both the retail and commercial sectors too.

Tailor-Made is one of the best places to buy quality personalised workwear. Here at Tailor Made, you will have a huge range of products to choose from; we offer many different styles and colours that are perfect for your company or industry needs no matter what they may be! Some items come with an extra cost attached but it’s worth checking out all our options before making any final decisions because each style has various price points depending on size and colour selection.

If you need protective workwear in Banbury, Tailor Made has got you covered. As an expert on all things safety-related, there is no need to consider another supplier if your looking for top quality workwear that will protect against splashes and spills or something more hazardous like acid spillages as well as provide comfortable uniforms with high visibility colours. Whatever type of job role from healthcare staff up to construction workers we have what they’ll require so contact us today

The Benefits of Workwear

Workwear is the clothing worn to carry out manual work and is designed to be hard-wearing and durable, often being made from materials that are tear-resistant. Our workwear undergoes many tests for longevity, including toughness, seam, and washing tests to ensure it can stand up to the daily wear and tear. There are many benefits of workwear, including:

-Highlights your Company: Whether for advertising purposes or simply to allow customers to personally identify an employee more easily if they need assistance, having company workwear highlights your name and business as well as encourages a sense of camaraderie between employees.

-Protection: Protective workwear is essential in many industries to keep employees and customers safe. Even something as simple as preventing scrapes and bruises from a slightly thicker uniform can make all the difference in protecting your employees and boosting their morale.

-Guaranteed Standards: For those who can wear their own clothes for work rather than a uniform, they still tend to have to meet several standards and expectations. By having your own company uniform, you guarantee that all of your employees meet the standards expected of their appearance at work.

Before you decide on the workwear suitable for your company, these benefits should be carefully considered as well as taking into account the type of industry you’re a part of. Here at Tailor Made, our team can help with any questions, queries, or concerns you may have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today

Branded Workwear

Why Choose Us?

At Tailor Made, we are experts when it comes to providing top quality workwear to suit any industry requirements. Our services are offered to large and small businesses and we have the speciality, knowledge, and skillset to create work apparel that exceeds your expectations and effectively represents your brand.

We are a leading British retailer that creates practical clothing options, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, outdoor clothing such as a waterproof jacket or waterproof trousers, polo shirts, and t-shirts at competitive prices.

Our professional team have years of experience making industry-standard workwear for our clients and our testimonials and reviews showcase our reputation and how we continue providing the highest quality workwear in Banbury and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire.

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If you are looking for the best workwear options in Banbury that meet industry standards and are beautifully embroidered, you can end your search here. Our team is on hand to help with any queries, be it recommendations or to answer questions, we are just a phone call away.

With years of experience in making strong workwear options for our clients, we are confident that we will be able to help you with whatever you need. Get in touch by calling our team or via email for more information. Our contact details can be found at the top of this website.

We also offer a wide range of other clothing options, such as urban clothing and streetwear, school uniforms, children’s clothing including girls clothing, boy’s clothing, and clothing designed to keep kids comfortable throughout their school day.

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Workwear Clothing
Custom Workwear Clothing
Branded Workwear

Workwear Banbury - Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your embroidery will vary on which product or service you require. For more information on our services or how we can help then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

Ordering online is easy – simply select the garment you are looking for and then add your personalisation options. Once you’ve decided then select your quantity and add to your basket. It will return to the same screen so you can add other sizes or colours *Remember* if you have selected to upload a new logo to change this after you have added your first garments otherwise you’ll be charged twice for the setup!

Orders are usually dispatched approximately 7-10 days from artwork approval. If this is your first order and we must digitise your logo we will send a photo of the stitch pattern to approve before we start on your order. This allows us to make sure you are happy and make any tweaks that may need doing. Once you are happy and approve the design it’s approx. 7-10 working days. *If you need your to order urgently or for a date just let us know – we’re used to working to deadlines and will always help where we can.

​​​​​​​Of course – we never begin working on your garments until you have approved your visual and stitch pattern photo. In order to make sure your order arrives quickly be sure to watch out for our emails with these visuals.

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