Some people find school uniform shopping stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether your child is starting school for the first time or you’ve made it through another year, and your child’s uniform may be frayed around the edges or need to be replaced, don’t get caught off guard at the end of the Summer vacation. This guide will take you through the steps and information to making buying a school uniform a dream and not a nightmare.

What Is the Cost of School Uniforms?

School uniforms vary significantly in price; you may acquire gently used clothes for as little as £1 or £2, or you can spend over £100 on a brand new jacket. Much will depend on your budget, whether your kid attends a public or private school, and the size of your child; for example, a pair of navy school pants for a four-year-old may cost £5, while for an eleven-year-old, they may cost £9. Private School Uniforms are often more expensive than Public School Uniforms, and there are significantly more of them to purchase.

When Is the Appropriate Time to Purchase School Uniforms?

I’m sure this has happened to some parents a few times. It’s an awful sensation to walk into a school uniform shop or to browse online for school uniforms and discover that everything in your desired size is sold out! Prevent this from occurring to you! As soon as you learn which Primary School Place your child has been assigned (generally in April in England), begin purchasing a few items (if your budget and time allow)!

Not sure where to start, well there is no need to wait to be handed the list…there is almost certainly a school uniform checklist on your local school’s website, which is a fantastic place to start, and of course, if you know anybody else who has children at the same school, ask them for their school uniform top recommendations!

A word about school footwear! Numerous parents will advise you to get school shoes at the last minute. But this is comparable to Russian Roulette. Yes, we understand that your child’s feet may expand throughout the summer, but if you wait until the last minute to purchase shoes, you will regret it. 

Which School Uniform Size Should I Purchase?

If your child’s school uniform is too large, they will feel uncomfortable. If you can get your youngster to put on the school uniform much too large, return it and size it down.

If your budget allows, you may wish to save the school uniform even if it is too large, since it will save you a shopping excursion next year….just remember where you placed it in a secure location! Because size may vary depending on where you get the uniform, we recommend purchasing it as soon as possible and TRYING IT ON immediately to ensure you have the opportunity to return and exchange it if required.

Where Can I Purchase School Uniforms?

There are several locations to purchase school uniforms, including independent school uniform suppliers, supermarkets, department stores, and straight from the school.

Where you purchase your school uniform may already be determined for you; for example, if your child begins private school, you may be able to buy the school uniform solely at that school’s uniform shop.

Alternatively, your state school may require you to wear simply the school jumper with the emblem, and the remainder of the uniform, such as grey pants, may be generic. The school jumper with the symbol will not be available in supermarkets, and your school will advise you on where to get it. Typically, a local independent uniform store or online. The grey trousers are entirely up to you; you have the option of purchasing them inexpensively at a supermarket or more expensively at a department shop.

Everything should be labelled!

You’ve worked hard to get all of that school uniform and probably spent a few pounds on it as well, so you do not want your children to lose it! And if they do lose it, as they very certainly will, you need it to return to you! 

There are several possibilities for school name labels, and you must determine which approach works best for you and your child. Certain children’s name labels require sewing or ironing.

Things to keep in mind:

Children’s feet grow an average of 1-2 sizes every year. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you should always select high-quality shoes that will not do any damage to your children’s feet as they develop. 


The typical annual growth rate for a school-age child between the ages of 6 and 12 is around 2.5 inches each year.

Always use the measurement recommendations provided by the school uniform shop, and if possible, bring your children in to be measured and try on uniforms.

The more you try things on and make sure they fit correctly, the less likely it is that you will have to alter your mind a few months later!

Reasons to choose us for school uniform?

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Why buy your uniform locally?

According to the DfE guidelines on school uniform prices, schools in England must ensure fair school uniform costs and that parents receive value for money.

According to 2015 DfE research, parents may save about £50 on average if they can purchase all school uniform items from any retailer instead of uniforms that must be purchased only from a specified shop or school. From autumn 2022, schools will be forced to contribute to cost savings by allowing for additional retailer choices, such as supermarkets own-brand uniforms.

To assist families, schools will need to ensure that second-hand uniforms are accessible, therefore contributing to the goal of net-zero carbon emissions. In the UK, over 350,000 tonnes of clothing are discarded each year. Encouraging families to wear used uniforms can help decrease waste and emissions associated with creating new outfits and make them more affordable.

Therefore from Summer/ Autumn 2022, there will be a big push from government and local authorities to make it much easier for parents to shop locally for their children’s school clothing.

In conclusion, shopping for school uniforms is not a needlessly stressful task. A little preparation can go a long way to avoid headaches.

We recommend starting by making your list of essentials, prioritising what you’ll want/need, and then going from there. Next, make sure you have some idea of the prices in your area so you can plan accordingly. Finally, when it comes to picking out uniforms, try to have fun with them!

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