T-shirts are a popular clothing item that people wear daily. They’re comfortable, casual and can be worn with any outfit. The most common places where you’ll find them is in the workplace or school, but they have also become popular at home during your downtime. 

For many of us, we only have one t-shirt to wear for our entire day because it’s so easy to put on and take off without messing up your hair or makeup. In the next few years, there will continue to be an increase in demand for T-shirts due to their versatility and ease of use which means more designs being available for purchase from companies who offer printing services. 

Here at Tailor Made, we have offered high-quality T-shirt printing for several years; our printers work tirelessly to ensure that every t-shirt is printed to perfection; having seen the demand rise over the last 12 months, we are confident that 2022 will be a big year for T-shirt printing, and here’s why;


Brand Embroidery and Why it's Important

Branding Is Changing

Over the last year, businesses worldwide have been struggling. Still, since 2021 arrived, the boom in people using local and small businesses has caused a surge in people ordering personalised and branded T-shirts. Companies are choosing to have custom printed T-shirts as a uniform option rather than a more detailed uniform. It allows staff to be comfortable and offers an easy way to market your company. 

Using branded T-shirts is one of the best ways to market your company; they are easy to maintain, cheap to buy, and have anything you want to be printed; T-shirt branding will be a massive focus throughout 2022.

We All Love TV Shows

TV shows during lockdown were the saving grace for a lot of us; this won’t change throughout early 2022; with winter on its way, more and more of us will sit and watch series and more than likely find ones we love. Due to shows, the popularity of T-shirt printing will be immense, the same as when we found ourselves printing multiple “winter is coming” T-shirts when Game Of Thrones took the world by storm. 

TV memorabilia comes in all designs and patterns; we can print anything you want, and with some big shows hitting our screens in 2022, we are confident that TV show T-shirts will be huge!


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Customer Loyalty Schemes

Customers will always stick around when freebies are involved. More often than not, these are coffees loyalty cards or points for discounts, but over 2021 we have seen a shift into companies giving away items such as printed T-shirts, one of the biggest companies to do this has been the COOP. They teamed up with the Parkrun UK to give out promotional T-shirts of their free-range eggs. 

Instead of depending on customers spending money for points, we are confident a significant change will go ahead in 2022 whereby more companies take the same stance as the Coop. It is easy marketing, and your customers will love it!


Looking For Quotes?

Fashionistas worldwide are making huge strides towards T-shirts that have been printed with quotes and memes; it goes hand in hand with the ever-changing patterns on the internet; we are handed quality T-shirt printing content daily! You can have whatever famous quotes you love on your T-shirt printed for a low cost, meaning your wardrobe can reflect your mood daily. 

Quotes can be printed on a wide range of items; whether you are looking for T-shirts, hoodies, joggers or anything else, there is a printer for you who will help.

Cost-effective & Comfortable

When looking for clothing with specific designs and logos, there is no better option than using a T-shirt printing company; you can have a brand new wardrobe of printed T-shirts for a highly competitive price compared to buying branded clothing that can be costly. Not only is the T-shirt printing a cost-effective way to get new clothes, but the quality of the T-shirts used is high enough that they are comfortable and cheap. 

The increased demand for T-shirt printing has changed the quality of the clothes used; comfortable T-shirts and hoodies are the way printers are moving, comfort is the key to success.

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Motivational & Encouraging Messages

Another great reason to choose T-shirt printing and why it will continue to be a big craze during 2022 is motivational T-shirts, inspiring messages and supportive quotes. All of these are being added onto T-shirts regularly, and we believe this will continue. Whether you are supporting someone running a marathon or going out on a stag do, we can put messages on a range of T-shirts. 

Charity events, vegan protests, whatever event you are running, we can add motivational quotes and encouraging messages; we have seen projects such as the “Be Kind” motion funding T-shirts for charities. We promise it won’t be the last movement that used T-shirt printing to pass on motivational and encouraging messages.

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T-shirt printing is a trend that will continue to grow throughout 2022. The industry has been on the rise for years, with print shops and online stores offering more styles and colours than ever before. Trends like selfies and vintage graphics also influence people’s decision to buy t-shirts as their go-to wardrobe item of choice.

As we move into 2022, there seems no end in sight for this fast-growing business! If you need some help finding your perfect design or want to start your shop—we can help! Get in touch with one of our team members today if you’re interested in learning how our Tailor Made team can get you started on an entirely custom line of tees for your own wardrobe. Check out our catalogue today!