Making your own custom T-shirts is a great way to promote your business, show off your design skills, make unique event swag, or just let your individuality shine. If you’re interested in personalised clothing for any purpose, you’ve come to the right place because Tailor Made Signs And Embroidery will show you how to create the ideal custom t-shirt.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll show you how to make the best bespoke T-shirts possible. Whether you’ve never designed a shirt before or are a seasoned pro, we’ll walk you through the steps and share our best advice along the way.

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What Is The Purpose Of The T-Shirt?

Establishing the reason for the proposed t-shirt is the first order of business. Is it to get people talking about a given topic, product, or event? If any of these apply to you, you’ll want your design to be as attention-grabbing as possible to have people wondering what it means. Inevitably, the t-shirt’s primary function will influence the way it’s designed.

Making a list of the themes and styles you’d like to include in your t-shirt design is a good idea if you have a firm grasp on the event’s goals. Do you want something humorous or solemn, modern or classic, simple or extravagant? If you ask yourself these kinds of questions at the outset of a creative project, you’ll gain a lot of useful information which will help you with your T-Shirt Printing in Northamptonshire.

Think About Who You're Designing For

When making personalised t-shirts, it’s important to keep your intended customers in mind at all times. You should always ask yourself if your intended consumers will be thrilled to see and wear the designs you come up with to market your business.

Have You Considered Your Budget?

Next, you’ll need to decide how much money you’re willing to spend and how many t-shirts you’ll require. Design options will be affected by each of these considerations. Adding more colours to your print job can significantly increase your costs, depending on the printing method you use. So, if you’re trying to cut costs, limiting your use of certain colours is a fantastic strategy.

When selecting a printing method for your t-shirts, the number of shirts you plan to print is a major consideration. Some are more suitable for large-scale production, while others excel at serving smaller orders.

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A Range Of Printing Methods

Many people don’t realise there are numerous approaches to printing on t-shirts. Let’s examine each possibility so we can pick the one that serves you best.

T-Shirt Printing

Screen Printing

Using a mesh screen and ink, screen printing transfers stencilled images onto fabric. When ink is forced through a mesh screen, it leaves an impression on the material underneath. The method relies on the material’s absorption of numerous, thick layers of ink, resulting in a superior-quality end product.

Vinyl Printing

In vinyl printing, forms are cut from vinyl sheets with computer-controlled equipment, and then the garment is heat-pressed to permanently cement the vinyl sheets into the fibres of the clothes.

Direct To Garment Printing

DTG, or direct-to-garment printing, is the cutting edge technology when it comes to making t-shirts. This new technique of printing shirts directly into the fabric, called “direct-to-garment,” eliminates the need for a separate transfer. The ink or design is permanently woven into the cloth, making it completely imperceptible to the touch.

Styles Of T-Shirt Will Affect The Design

There are many styles of T-shirt and which one you go with will determine how much room you have for customization. From long sleeve shirts to tank tops, you will need to consider your design carefully so that it fits your product perfectly. Making this one of your first decisions will mean that you have a clean canvas to work on, nothing is worse than making a design and then realising that it won’t fit properly.

Pick Your Font Style

T-shirt typography is an essential part of the design process. Choosing the right font may make a project look more polished and professional. Keep readability in mind when selecting a font, when people see your tee, you want them to immediately understand what it says without any trouble.

However, it is also important that the font you select conveys the tone and character you want to convey in your design. The moods conveyed by various fonts might vary greatly. The font you choose for a t-shirt design should reflect the event being commemorated, whether it is a company outing, a hen party, or a heavy metal concert.

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Choose The Right Pictures

T-shirts that include eye-catching graphics and images will immediately stand out from the crowd. Logos, pictures, and icons are just some of the options for this area of the t-shirt design. These days, it’s not uncommon to see companies’ logos on tees that feature nothing else. Brands like Adidas and Gucci produce stunning and instantly recognisable designs. But icons and other visual graphics can make for a more memorable and engaging layout.

The Choice Of Material

The choice of material is the final consideration in the design process. You should make sure the t-shirt material you select is suitable for your demands and budget, as not all fabrics are created equal.

In terms of price and printability, cotton is a top pick. The blend of cotton and polyester used in the other half of the garment makes it feel more comfortable to wear. 

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It’s Time To Start Printing

After you’ve done everything we’ve outlined so far, you can begin printing. The most thrilling part of making a t-shirt is the finished result, so use the tips you have read here and produce something fantastic for your personal or business usage. 

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