If you’re looking for a cost effective and reliable way to advertise your business and services, the ever changing world of reaching the general public’s attention is ever-changing and evolving. However, one consistent method that is eye catching, informative, and won’t break the bank to invest in is that of vehicle signage. 

Here at Tailor Made, we provide a range of signs, embroidery, and design services to our customers, and one of our most popular services is our high quality, long lasting vehicle signage in Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for your brand, or you want to make your fleet of vehicles stand out from the crowd, vehicle signage is a long term option that is affordable and difficult to ignore. Keep reading below to find out about some of the benefits vehicle signage can offer! 


vehicle wrapping for advertising


What is Vehicle Signage? 

Vehicle signage refers to any type of signage or graphics that are applied to a vehicle, such as a car, truck, van, or bus, for advertising or promotional purposes. It typically involves applying vinyl graphics or decals to the body of the vehicle, which can include logos, brand messaging, contact information, or other design elements.

When vehicles are driven or parked in public areas, vehicle signage can effectively act as a mobile billboard, generating brand exposure and creating a powerful marketing opportunity. Some of the benefits of vehicle signage includes: 

Cost-effective Advertising

One of the most attractive aspects of vehicle signage is its affordability. Unlike traditional advertising methods, which require ongoing investment to maintain a presence, vehicle signage is a one-time investment that can last for years. The cost of designing and installing vehicle graphics is significantly lower than other advertising methods, such as billboards or television ads. Once the signage is in place, it can generate countless impressions over a long period of time.

Increased Brand Exposure

Vehicle signage can provide you with increased brand exposure, even when your vehicles are parked. By having your logo and contact information prominently displayed on the side of your vehicle, you’re essentially creating a mobile billboard. People will see your brand and message every time your vehicle is on the road, whether they’re pedestrians, other drivers or passengers in other vehicles. This creates a powerful and ongoing marketing opportunity, even when your business is closed for the day.

Local Advertising

Vehicle signage is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers. By having your business name and contact information on the side of your vehicle, you’ll be able to reach potential customers in your local area. When people see your signage, they’ll be reminded of your business and will be more likely to contact you when they’re in need of your products or services.


example of vehicle signage


High-Quality Impressions

Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle signage can provide high-quality impressions that are more likely to convert to sales. Since the signage is on the move, it can reach a wide variety of people in different locations, which can generate more leads and sales. Additionally, vehicle signage is more likely to be noticed and remembered than other forms of advertising, which can lead to a higher return on investment.

Protection of the Vehicle

Vehicle signage is not only a great advertising tool, but it can also provide protection for your vehicle’s paint job. Vehicle wraps can act as a protective layer that helps prevent damage from scratches, small dents, and UV rays. When it comes time to remove the signage, the vehicle’s paint will be in the same condition it was before the signage was applied.

Flexible Design Options

Vehicle signage can be designed in a variety of ways, providing businesses with a lot of flexibility in terms of design options. Graphics and text can be customised to meet your specific needs, from simple logos and contact information to full-colour graphics that cover the entire vehicle. With the help of a professional designer, you can create a unique and eye-catching design that will get your business noticed.


dark toned vehicle wrap

Non-Intrusive Advertising

Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle signage is non-intrusive. While television ads and pop-up ads can be annoying and intrusive, vehicle signage is simply a visual reminder of your business. People can choose to ignore it or pay attention to it, depending on their preferences. This makes vehicle signage a more pleasant and effective way to advertise.

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